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Scissor’s Men’s Haircut

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Our Ace of Fades Barbershop is situated at 128, 8th Avenue New York,  10011. Our barbershop is located not far from Chelsea Garden, Manhattan and Island park. We provide professional scissor’s men’s haircut in Chelsea, NYC Our trustworthy barbers are real professionals, who will arrange a trendy haircut for men with scissors. All instruments are disinfected thoroughly, and as a result you will get a trendy scissor’s men’s haircut with chosen shape and length. 

At our barbershop in Manhattan you can have a modern men’s cut for a reasonable price.

We strive to make your haircut stylish and your visit enjoyable. You can choose a men’s haircut or have a consultation from a professional. We provide premium haircut service in Manhattan for men of all ages.

The advantages of visiting Ace of Fades Barbershop in NY

  1. Location. Our barbershop is situated near Highline, Chelsea Garden, Manhattan.
  2. Our barbers do their best in men’s haircuts for every client. We take into account your wishes about the form, length and color.
  3. We use the most up-to-date and creative techniques that provide the most fashionable men’s haircuts for affordable prices.

How to choose a men’s haircut?

To choose a smart trendy men’s haircut, you should learn more about your face shape. You can read some articles, or just ask our barber: in Ace of Fades Barbershop in Chelsea,  NYC we are always ready to give a piece of advice or professional consultation about the shape, length and color for a men’s haircut.