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Men’s Trim Haircut

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Men’s trim haircut is used for creation of short men’s hairstyles. Ace of Fades Barbershop is situated in Chelsea, NYC . We offer professional Men’s Trim Haircut near Highline, Manhattan. Trim Haircut in comparison with scissor’s haircut is used to get a hairstyle with less than 2 inches length. Trim haircut affords the creation of a smart-shape hairstyle with minimum need for care.

Why choose Ace of Fades barbershop for men’s trim haircut?

  • Our barbershop is situated not far from Chelsea Garden and 500 ft from Google offices: you can have your hair cut during your lunch time or even before the working day starts.
  • You can book an appointment online. Men’s trim haircut in NYC doesn’t need much time to be done.
  • Our professional barbers make the best trim haircut for men in Manhattan using top-quality instruments.

Our specialist can give you a piece of advice about the best shape of men’s trim haircut according to your face shape and style you prefer. To make an individual style you can combine the process with beard shaping or choose sharp or oval haircut edging. 

Stages of trim haircut

  1. Choosing a form. You can show a photo of a trim haircut and show it to our barber, choose from a catalog in our barbershop or ask a barber for a professional opinion.
  2. Choose a service. Together with men’s trim haircut we afford beard haircut, mustache styling and other services. You can choose a complex and create a unique smart men’s style in one visit.
  3. Choose a type of edging. Sharp edging is more up-to-date, and smooth men’s haircut edging is considered to be more classic.