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Men’s Razor Shave

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Men’s straight razor shave in our barbershop in Manhattan,NYC is a way to underline your personality. Men’s razor shave is a service that provides smooth quality shave without skin irritation. While using a disposable razor or a trimmer the hair get damaged and this leads to facial irritation. Using a professional straight razor helps to cut even the shortest hair in a gentle way. Sharp cut means the absence of ingrown hair and protects from itching that may appear, when the haircut is ragged after a usual razor or trimmer. A straight razor shave near Chelsea Gardens, NYC, can be done in our Ace of Fades Barbershop.

Is a barbershop shave worth it?

  1. Choosing a straight razor shave in NYC you choose a high-quality service.
  2. Straight razor shave in a barbershop gives a long-time result. It is also cold a wet shave, because includes the procedures of skin and stubble preparation using special foam, smoother and wet towel.
  3. Ordering a straight razor shave you get a sense of belonging to a trustworthy gentlemen’s club. No one can imagine the vibe you get, while having your face shaved with straight razor. It’s a mix of hazard and luxury.

Why choose Ace of Fades barbershop razor shave for men in NY

Our barbers specialize in wet straight razor shave for men and that means they do the cut gently and professionally. The procedure includes preparation of face and foam. Our specialists choose the appropriate luxury products for your skin and you get a top-quality wet razor shave. Because of high-quality professionals we afford this trendy service that will not take you too long to waste your time but will not be too short for you to feel that spirit of being respectable.