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Hot shave service is a shaving with a hot towel put on your neck. Hot shave for men is so popular, because it makes the usage of straight razor blade more comfortable for the client. During the hot shave for men in our barbershop in NYC the skin is softened and becomes more elastic, that’s why the blade doesn’t make even a micro-scratch on the skin. Moreover, during the hot-shave procedure your skin pores open and all lotions and foams, used before and after shaving become more effective. 

Why is a hot shave so popular

  1. Straight razor is even more effective during the hot shave. The hair also become softer and it prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs after shaving.
  2. The foam is warmed and you don’t feel any touch of the product.
  3. The lotion used after hot shave clears the open pores and makes the skin nourished and soft.
  4. Hot shave is also used for beard grooming. With a hot towel on your neck you can get not only pleasure from the temperature, but also a perfect beard styling, because all styling gels, foams and waxes work more effectively in a higher temperature.

You can have a hot shave in Chelsea, Manhattan. NYC in Ace of Fades barbershop. Our professionals use the cutting edge technologies and are ready to perform a brilliant shaving with straight razor and hot shave. Affordable prices, professional barbers and convenient location (not far from the Google office, near Chelsea Gardens) make it possible to have a hot shave in NYC even before the working day starts.