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Haircut and Shave

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TOP-barbershop in Manhattan,  Ace of Fades barbershop provides complex service of men’s haircut and shave. We are located near Highline, Chelsea Gardens and Island Park and you can have a professional haircut and shave not far from your office. The concept of cut and shave barbershop is worth attending especially for those, who value their time and money. You can get both services for a more reasonable price than for attending the barbershop separately for haircut and for shave.

Why is haircut and shave complex popular

  1. The combination of men’s haircut and shave saves you time. Our barbershop in NYC offers this service and provides high quality professionals who create your personal style.
  2. A professional barber can give you a piece of advice about a trendy combination of haircut shape and beard or mustache.
  3. The service of haircutting together with shaving gives you new emotions and helps to catch a vibe of being in trend for the whole week.

Professional men’s haircut and shave in Manhattan, NYC will provide you with trendy fashion men’s haircut and fresh cool shave. Our barbers use straight razors to provide smooth shaving without facial irritation. Special shaving foam and cooling aftershave will give you a fresh complexion and nice scent.